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Serving Windsor, Enfield, Somers, Suffield, Stafford, Hartford, Springfield MA, etc.

We design & develop software applications:

Whether you need a WFP application, a smart website or a browser-based application, we deliver!

We develop business applications and use business-grade technology:


MS SQL Server

Oracle & Java


We provide infrastructure:

We have a development server in Enfield running Windows Server 2012.

We have a production server in Montreal, also running Windows Server 2012.

Both servers are running MS SQL Server 2012.  Setting up a dedicated server is not a simple task.  May we help you?

Google Chrome is a great GUI.  With local storage and full Android and Chromebook support, its better than Windows for most front ends.

We are developing business applications specifically for Chrome.  Local disk storage makes it possible to know the workstation without resorting to cookies or other insecure kludges.

We do develop standard websites, but our focus is on business applications running in a browser rather than a MS Windows device.  We are a software development company, not just a website design company. More...

CIT uses Microsoft Technology - WPF, SQL Server ASP.NET and .NET because they are Business Class.

Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation is the business standard for applications that require heavy local processing.  An example is a picture we developed for Bishop's Auto Parts, choosing and arranging pictures for vehicles and auto parts.  It simply wasn't practical to have this much data (the pictures) going over their intranet so the processing had to be done on a workstation and only the final results go to the server over the intranet.

If your application requirements demand a lot of disk storage or CPU power, running on a dedicated Windows desktop is often the only solution.

CIT has 20 years of experience with Oracle and MS SQL Server

We know how to model business data.

We know how to secure business data.

We know how to install, optimize and maintain a database.

We know how to store and retrieve data quickly and efficiently.

We can do all these things economically for you.