Responsive Website Design & Development in Connecticut

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Responsive Website Design and SEO in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

We provide attractive Responsive Website Design.  Our websites are unique and customized to your preferences.

A business website should not look like any of your competitions' websites.  If you are not unique, you are one of the crowd.

You have only a few seconds to catch most website visitors' attention.  Your website needs to be attractive AND unique.

• In the age of cellular smartphones, a website needs to be attractive on a small screen.  A website also needs to download quickly because a cellular connection is very slow.  In order to meet standards it is impossible to have a large slideshow on the home page of the mobile version.  Pictures are large and slow to download.  Tradeoffs are inevitable, but that does not mean your website has to look pathetic on a smartphone.

• In the age of 4k monitors when even laptops have a full HD screen, a website needs to look attractive on a large monitor.  Especially if you are a business and your website visitors may be using a business grade computer.

You have gotten this far.  We have your attention, right?  What would you like to say to get your customers' attention?  Lets talk about it.

We provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is really a simple concept.  We need to make your website appear important to Google.

To be important to Google, your website needs:

• To have visitors.  How important can a website be if no one bothers to visit it?

• To have references.  How important can a website be if no one bothers to link to it?

• To have valuable content.  How important can a website be if you didn't put any text content into it?  Remember, Google is a computer and computers cannot see pictures.

• To be signed.  If you don't have a Google Webmaster's account, how can you sign your own website?  If you get a Webmaster account but have never designed a website before, in the era of malware, why should Google trust you?

Your website needs to be designed by a professional.  If not, you are wasting time and/or money, regardless of how little you paid.