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CIT Services, LLC is an Enfield CT company.  At various times we have had offices or associates in Windsor, Hartford, New Britain and Vernon, but currently our only office is in Enfield.  We have been in business since September of 2008.

CIT Invests in Tools

One of the reasons we get better results than our competition is that we invest in great tools.  Open Source is OK and there are some very good open source projects like jQuery and PostgreSQL, but for solid productivity, nothing beats development with Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate.  We have the latest version.  Nothing beats the graphic design tools from Adobe either, and we have the CS5.5 Master Collection and CS6 Design and Web Premium.  Finally, if you look at some of our websites you see some unusual controls, menus, etc.  They are part of the software we bought from Developer's Express and are a big part of why we can easily do things that our competition has no hope of doing well.

About Don Peters

I have lived my whole career with computers.  I started repairing mainframes in 1973 and gradually transitioned to software even though I still fix or upgrade my own computers.  Years ago I designed and manufactured a plug-in board for PC's that made the PC act like a mainframe peripheral unit.  After I got the hardware working I started writing applications for it in C.  C became C++, then Java and finally C#.  Along the way I also became pretty good at databases, first Oracle then Microsoft's SQL Server.

Video is mainly for fun.  Maybe someday it will become a priority.

We don't Outsource to developers we have not personally met.

CIT is a family company plus a few friends.  We know and trust one another.  Mistakes happen but if we were to outsource to strangers there is another much more serious possibility.  With that $7.00 per hour for a developer with a PhD from an Indian University comes something else: a total lack of accountability.  Never forget that it is your software or your website and you are legally responsible for the content.  Note, we do work with Indians and Ukrainians, but they are HERE, in the USA.


Website Promotion

The best way to promote a website is to link to it.  These are the websites we are actively promoting.  We have other customers, but these are the ones paying for enhanced services.

As you might guess, a link to your website is more valuable if it comes from a website that Google regards as important.  Links are, after all references similar in concept to a reference on a job resume.  So we promote our own websites and we have a lot of them to promote.  No other website design company that we know of does this and this is one reason we are better!