Professional Computer Services near Windsor Connecticut

Software Development and Website Services, (860) 265-8046

Local Website Design and Custom Software Development in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

CIT is a Full Service software design company.  We maintain our own infrastructure, which gives us the expertise to maintain yours.  Services we offer include:

  • Windows Server Support.  We have a dedicated server in Montreal and a local development server in Enfield.  You may wish to share space on either, or we can support your server.  Windows Server 2008, 2012 or 2016 only, please.
  • Database services.  You may just need someone to back up your database or you may need a migration; we can provide the required services cost effectively.  SQL Server, Oracle or PostgreSQL.
  • Photo and video editing services.  We design websites and must have the expertise and software.  Why not use our cost effective services?
  • Website design.  Yes, a website is software.  We prefer to design sophisticated applications in an internet environment, but standard websites are welcome also.
  • Search Engine Optimization.  We offer plans from $60 per month.

We are NOT expensive.  Our overhead is very low and we can easily compete with the offshore companies.  Why pay more to an Asian company that you cannot hold accountable?  Why waste your time trying to do it yourself?

Some people think that a website should be a glorified business card.  We think it should be much more.  Some people think that they can design an effective website themselves.  We think that experience and expertise matter - and you should hire a professional website design company.

CIT Services designs websites that get found and noticed.  Found in Google, noticed by customers.  Proof?  You found us, didn't you?